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Open to showing? Here's what's involved. You may be surprised...

I hear all the time - "I want JUST a pet, not a show dog." Look, I totally get it. It seems like a big commitment. Let me outline what's involved, as well as the benefits you weren't expecting.

I don't require my puppies be shown. But you definitely have a better chance of getting a puppy this upcoming litter, vs waiting a year or two, if you are open to having your dog shown or even getting involved yourself. Basenji puppies are in fairly high demand as they make amazing pets, so being flexible works in your favor.

If you are local (Seattle area) showing requires very little commitment from you. In fact, you may get a few weekend breaks from your dog allowing you more flexibility with your family without getting a dog sitter! Before the puppy is 6 months of age, we will coordinate meeting or me picking up the pup from your home to take to training class. After 6 months, the same goes for showing. We'll coordinate several weeks ahead of time when I may be able to pick up the dog and take to a show, and drop off at the end of the weekend. Heck - maybe you even want to come check it out and cheer on puppy! It's a great family activity and the perfect way to meet fellow dog lovers.

The primary benefit to you is socialization and training of your dog. Secondarily, sometimes its nice to get a break! Go out for a long day without worrying about puppy at home waiting for you. Please feel free to ask more questions, we'll be as transparent as we can about the commitment and potential benefits.

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