dLucks Puppies

Raised Right

Hours of research, raised with attention to detail

We are planning our next breeding for fall/winter of 2022. Puppies will be ready to go to new homes approximately March/April 2023. Bonnie has been bred and this will be her last litter. At this time, reservations for Bonnie's puppies are closed but may change when puppies are born if we get more than expected. 


We have planned two litters fall/winter 2023 and will consider reservations early for these puppies. To apply, scroll to the bottom of this page for our application.

Puppies are raised in our home and are socialized with a variety diverse experiences. We use Puppy Culture to guide our training. There is a tremendously positive difference between a puppy raised with Puppy Culture and those who are not. Your puppy will be more prepared for a variety of experiences, and the groundwork for basic commands is started when they go home. More information about Puppy Culture and it's benefits can be found by clicking here.


Puppy Placement

More information for your planning.

In 2022/2023, total price of a dLucks puppy is $2,200. A $250 "rebate" is given for those who complete a puppy manners or beginner obedience course series within the puppy's first year. Total price is the same whether the pup is a pet or show prospect. Deposits and final payment may be paid in cash, cashiers check, Paypal, Venmo, or Cash App. You will be required to meet us and our dogs in person (multiple video meetings can be substituted for those living greater distances) before placing a deposit for assurance and comfort for both parties. 


We ask for a $500 deposit at the time pregnancy is confirmed. The deposit is refundable if dLucks determines we do not have a puppy that fits the needs of your family. This may happen if you are requesting a particular gender and too few of that gender are born, or available puppies temperaments do not fit the needs of your family. Deposits may non-refundable if decision is made by the buyer not to move forward at the discretion of dLucks.

We generally do not take reservations for specific colors. Gender preferences are taken into account but we prefer working with those who are open to either gender, unless you have another dog in your home. Our placements are made by matching the best temperament for you, your family, and the types of activities you want to enjoy with your dog. If you have another dog in your home, we highly recommend opposite gender placements.