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Get to Know


Bonnie is a 7 year old (DOB 1/10/17) red and white female available to a home on the west coast, preferably WA/OR/ID/or BC, Canada. Bonnie is sweet and wonderful, and is ready for her retirement home. Her favorite spot is the couch or the bed and she's most content lounging asking for pets, although she does enjoy walks and yard runs and is physically able to be very active if that's what her owner is doing. She is mellow and enjoys belly rubs, singing along with music, and cuddles. Bonnie yodels.


Bonnie will do best and prefers to be an only dog. She is dog friendly with in tact (un-neutered) males but not reliably friendly with other females or neutered males. She prefers a home without young children, although she's done well around older, well behaved kids when they were visiting. 

Bonnie has lived her life as a house dog (vs kennel) and is crate and fully house trained. She rides quietly in a crate in the car. Bonnie is a dog show champion and is leash trained, although could use a tune up on some pulling ahead. 

She is healthy and had a wellness exam and full blood work done mid-2023 without concerns. She is up to date on vaccines and de-worming. Bonnie is spayed. 

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