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dLucks Basenjis

Preservation Breeders

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A bit about us...


We are dLucks Basenjis located in Olympia, WA. We've been actively involved in the Basenji community since 1996 and are preservation breeders of the smart, unique, and amazing African hunting dog the Basenji! We are active in AKC Conformation, Lure Coursing, and Obedience/Rally sports.

What is a preservation breeder? We are intensely dedicated to the health, function, and beauty of this special breed so it may thrive into the future. We are passionate about matching Basenji lovers with the ideal family member for them and supporting our owners for the lifetime of their dog. Learn more about the benefits of a preservation bred puppy below.


Why a Preservation Breeder?


We guarantee to rescue all dLucks dogs for their lifetime, whatever the reason. We have a responsibility to our dogs to never allow them to end up in shelters.

Lifetime Support

We support our dLucks families throughout the dog's lifetime with years of knowledge from a breed expert (we've had Basenjis for 25+ years). We are available for all your dog parenting, training, health, and silly questions whenever you need us! Think of us as your helpline. Oh, and we'd love to get you connected with other Basenji owners.

Health & Temperament

We health test dogs being bred and temperament test our puppies. We believe in complete transparency regarding results. This information allows for increased predictability that your new dog fits well with your lifestyle and family members, and will live a long and happy life with fewer vet bills. 

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