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Vaccinations - conservative is the key

We recommend being conservative when it comes to vaccinations. We follow the guidance of Mercy Vet Dr. Jackie Sehn, as well as advice shared by several long time Basenji breeders. Basenjis are sensitive to vaccines and medications, and over vaccinating is dangerous.

dLucks puppies go to new homes with one distemper/parvo vaccine given at 8 weeks. The second should be administered by new owners at their vet at 16 weeks. First rabies vaccine should be given alone (not in combination with other vaccines) sometime after the second and final distemper/parvo. A small dose of Benadryl can be given directly after vaccines at home to avoid allergic responses.

After these initial shots, research has shown the immunity can last for years up to the dogs entire life. Rabies is required by law every 3 years, so we do that vaccine at that frequency, but never more often. Yearly boosters we avoid after the initial distemper/parvo series as a pup. That may not be right for you and your dog, but I strongly encourage all owners to inform themselves before mindlessly vaccinating because their vet offers it yearly. Take an educated stance when it comes to vaccines, as it will greatly benefit your dog's health in the long run. Titer tests are offered by some vets as an alternative to boosters to test immunity. They may be slightly more expensive, but seriously consider it. The extra dollars is certainly worth it when compared to an autoimmune disease or severe allergic reaction.

Want to know more or have questions about where you can find further information? Reach out to us!

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