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Feeding thoughts

I feed some dogs kibble, and some eat raw. About half are on one, and half on the other depending on their needs.

I do NOT recommend high protein kibble. Dog food companies are marketing heavily for high protein diets, claiming if wolves eat meat dogs should eat kibble with the highest protein possible. NOT TRUE! Ideal protein levels for Basenjis are between 24-28%, and fat 16-20%. When feeding kibble, it's crucial to add moisture - I feed my kibble soaked in warm water or broth so it resembles a soup.

Raw feeding is great. It's more expensive, and it's generally more time consuming and messy. But the benefits may be worth it. I'm feeding a commercial raw that's very easy to feed. I tend to put my lower metabolism dogs on raw, as they gain weight too easily with the additional carbohydrates in kibble.

I feed my adult dogs once per day, vs twice. I find their appetites are better, and it makes for very consistent eaters. Puppies are fed more frequently. If you have a picky eater, don't give in and give them special treatment! They will eat when they get hungry, and giving them human food or special treats will make them pickier or sick - guaranteed. Offer food for 5-10 minutes away from other pets. If they don't eat it, toss it, and repeat the next day. Don't keep offering or leave food down indefinitely. They will not starve themselves.

If you'd like more guidance on food or brands we feed and like, feel free to reach out!

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