Residence: dLucks Seattle

Age: 5

Loves: weekly intermediate obedience class at Eastside Dog Training

Best trick: balancing on rubber peanuts 

Fun Fact: currently the #1 Basenji in the US (AKC Breed Points) through Sept '19!

    Basenji Show Dog

    Residence: dLucks Seattle

    Age: 2

    Loves: being snuggled - she's the most snugly and sweet of the pack

    Best trick: yodeling with a toy in her mouth

    Fun Fact: when we sing to her, she sings and yodels along


      Residence: West Seattle with Humom Allison & sister Sloane. See Insta link below!

      Age: 2

      Loves: lure coursing

      Best trick: Logan is extremely willing and excited to work - whether that's the show ring or tricks, he never quits giving enthusiasm

      Fun Fact: he's a very engaging and sensitive dog, he's a personal favorite...

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      Residence: Magnolia with the Harward Family!

      Age: 10 months

      Bio coming soon...


        Residence: Everett with the Frank Family

        Age: 5

        Loves: Being watch dog: like that time he refused to get off the porch while staring down a coyote!

        Best trick: cutting his housemates Ben and Maya, loose from their leashes with his teeth

        Fun Fact: he likes to catch rabbits at the dog park, in the dark, and share the bounty with Ben and Maya 


          Residence: Berlin

          Age: 5

          Loves: Sunbathing and eating

          Best trick: Bouncing on the bed

          Fun Fact: I spend most of my time traveling Europe with my jet setting dad. Follow me on Instagram using link below. 

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          Residence: dLucks - He's a snowbird living in Florida and Washington half the year.

          Age: 11

          Loves: Eddie goes nuts for a bouncing Tigger toy when it hops up and down and says "I'm gonna bounce".

          Fun Fact: Eddie had an extremely successful show and lure coursing career back in his day! He is a multiple specialty winner both in the show ring and in the field.


          Residence: West Seattle with Humom Allison & sister Sloane

          Age: 2

          Bio coming soon...

          brother modeling sesh #basenjis #akcshow

          Residence: dLucks Ferndale, WA & Ft Meyers Florida. She also enjoys time with Red's family!

          Age: 7

          Loves: kids and snuggles, and food of course.

          Best trick: spinning for treats and wagging her tail on command.

          Fun Fact: Dani is the mother of our 80's fantasy movie themed litter out of "Johnny".